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Markley’s for Law Enforcement, Tactical and Sport


Here at Markleys’s Indoor Range and Gun Shop we pride ourselves on providing you with the best service in guns, accessories, ammo and gear for all your law enforcement, tactical and sporting needs. We are a family owned business and can give you the knowledgeable customer service you deserve. Come in for a day of shooting at our 21-lane well-ventilated range and try out one of our many guns available for rent.

These Guns are California Legal 22 Caliber Rimfire Semi Automatics

These Plinkers are a lot sexier than your grand pappys old 22.

Do 22 calibers have to be boring? Not anymore. Come in and see our selection of low cost fun semi-automatic California-legal 22 caliber rifles. These fine rifles are designed along the lines of some of the worlds most famous weapons and can put the zing back in your 22 shooting.

Markley’s is an Authorized Glock Perfection Dealer

As an authorized Glock Perfection Dealer we can offer you the most extensive collection of glocks in stock today! You don’t have to go anywhere else to experience Glock perfection. We also have a large number of glocks available for rent to demo so you can find which ones you prefer.

The staff at Markley’s has been exceptionally helpful. I brought in my whole family for training and range practice. We even picked out a new glock from trying a rental... J.K.